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IJBS, 1st Vol., Sept. 2020 – “The Power of Effective Communication: Challenges and Opportunities”



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The International Student Congress conducted the first (entirely) student-led virtual congress titled “The Power of Effective Communication: Challenges and Opportunities” on 27 July 2020.


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“The role of international organizations in shaping politics and policies in the Balkans”

Suggested fields and topics:

  1. The role of financial institutions (WTO, IMF, World Bank, EBRD etc) in shaping economic development in Albania/Western Balkans
  2. The role of NATO in constructing new security frontiers in the Western Balkans (cases of Croatia, Albania, Northern Macedonia and Montenegro)
  3. The role of CoE in enforcing the rule of law in Southeastern Europe
  4. The role of OSCE as stabilizing force in democratization and rule of law/ role of ODIHR in supervising the elections in the W. Balkans
  5. The role of EU ‘sticks and carrots’ policy in enticing political & economic reforms in the W. Balkans
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