UNYT - IJBS Aim & Scope


The International Journal of Balkan Studies

IJBS ISSN-print: 2788-6468

ISSN-online: 2788-6476

Language: English

Frequency: 2 issues per year

Published by: UNYT Press

Catalogued at: National Library of Albania and Library of the UNYT

The International Journal of Balkan Studies (IJBS) is a flagship journal of the University of New York Tirana, renowned for its established status in the academic sphere. Operating as an an international, peer-reviewed and open-access scholarly journal, the IJBS is committed to methodological pluralism, while upholding rigorous standards.

Published biannually, during the Spring and Fall seasons, the journal is available in both print and online formats (via the IJBS website). In addition to its regular issues featuring research articles, the IJBS publishes thematic issues, as well as special editions showcasing select articles from conferences, symposiums, and other scholarly gatherings.

The IJBS primarily centres its focus on humanities and social sciences research. However, its scope is broad, aiming to attract submissions from a diverse array of disciplines, including social and political sciences, international relations, economics and business, psychology, sociology, law, history, geography, linguistics, cultural studies, architecture and other related areas. It serves the mission of promoting research and disseminating knowledge to an interdisciplinary authorship and audience, contributing to the body of knowledge through original research contributions.

While the journal predominantly concentrates on the Balkans as a focal area of study, its purview extends beyond regional confines. Through a robust and qualified double-blind peer review process, the IJBS endeavours to spotlight the latest and most pertinent issues emerging not only within the Balkan region but also in wider contexts. In doing so, it seeks to cater to both academic communities and the broader public, maintaining its dynamic role as a vital forum for scholarly discourse and engagement in the social sciences.