International Journal of Balkan Studies


The International Journal of Balkan Studies is an international, peer-reviewed, open access journal published quarterly in printed and online versions by University of New York Tirana.

This journal serves the mission of promoting research and disseminating knowledge to an interdisciplinary audience and authorship, contributing to the body of knowledge upon real research in the Balkan area and not only.

The main goal is to facilitate open discussion and publications between scholars, researchers and practitioners interested in social and economic sciences.


The main aim of this journal is to attract papers from a wide range of fields, including social and political sciences, economics and business, international relations, psychology, social policy, social work, sociology, legal issues, history, cultural studies and more. With its efficient and qualified double-blind peer review process, The International Journal of Balkan Studies aims to present the newest relevant and emerging issues of Balkans to both academia and the broader public alike, thereby maintaining its place as a dynamic platform for engaging in social sciences research and academic debate.

The IJBS may target scientists, researchers, professors, students and policy makers from social science, economics and business, political science, history, law in society and related domains.

Subject Areas

Social Policy
International Relations
Social Work
Political Science
Other Related Areas