Communicating Politics through Artwork A Case Study on the “Mother Albania” Monument

ABSTRACT: Art has always something to say. And artworks such as the Mother Albania lapidary statue carry much history with it. The Mother Albania is a monument close to the outer part of Tirana. This statue has been there for half a century now, holding history and especially symbolism, which communicates to us realities, that Albania, used to live. The work on this monument begins in a very intense period of political, economic and ideological activity. This ideological activity from the state was part of the ‘revolutionization’ of the country, where art was also included. By and large, the communication of the leader’s political ideology came through art, specifically through sculpture. This paper might seem as a ‘find the hidden treasure’ game to you, tracking the details in art pieces, specifically in sculpture, that communicated the communist ideology.

KEYWORDS: Mother Albania, lapidary, political, art, communication, revolutionary, significance, Enver Hoxha